Commucare provides post acute and chronic care in Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) and Nursing Homes with dedicated physicians and advanced nurse practitioners who are based and practice onsite. Our SNFist or post-hospitalist program rounds daily in the nursing homes.

About SNFist post acute care programs

SNFist services like Commucare are growing in popularity, partly because of the increasing number of nursing facilities. The more traditional post-acute model of care involves physicians fitting in visits to residents in between their usual hospital rounds or regular practice, which can mean that resident patients are seen infrequently.

With Commucare, a provider is on site daily, responding to emergencies and participating in care-coordination meetings. This fosters better communication between families, medical providers and staff, meaning that residents ultimately receive better continuity of care.

We do not replace patients existing health providers; rather we complement their efforts, providing urgent care from the comfort of the resident’s facility.

Our Medical Team

Dr. Gary Millien

Medical Director


Dr. Millien is the medical director at Commucare. He is a board certified family physician, who had devoted most of his practice to adult geriatric medicine. He is interested in findings healthcare innovative solutions. Dr. Millien brings over 20 years expertise to Commucare. He has privileges at JFK Hospital (south and north), Saint Mary’s Hospital, and Good Samaritan Hospital.


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